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Titillating reads to educate, inspire and motivate your transformation.

Glucose Revolution

For those of you looking for a 'quick fix' this book is for you. There are easy to implement hacks to improve your health. Some have seen improvement in just 9 days. The information is presented in such a way that it's easy to absorb and remember. This is my new go-to. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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The Midnight Library

I don't want to give too much away but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book. All of the other books I have suggested have been nonfiction but this piece of fiction is a work of art. If you're going through a tough time this book can be a place of refuge and enlightenment. Reach out to me and let me know what you think. 


Brave Not Perfect

This book perfectly explains why women strive so hard for perfection and allow perfectionism to hold them back in all areas of life. It is a great read for any woman or parent raising a little girl. I gained a lot of clarity and insight about myself and my insecurities after reading this book.



One of the most important things I address with my clients is their ability to relax. The simplest way to relax is by changing your breath. Just by altering the way you breathe you can bring your body into a state of healing and deeper awareness. 


Befriending Your Body

This book is a great way to work through body image issues.  Even though the main theme of the book is conquering issues around eating disorders it is still a great read for anyone who struggles with loving their body or has confusion around food.  


Judgment Detox

Everyone is judgmental, whether it's with yourself or others. This book is great for releasing those negative thoughts about yourself and others. Gabrielle Bernstein also wrote The Universe Has Your Back and has helped many people release limiting beliefs holding them back from leading the life they want. 


Break the Habit of Being Yourself

I LOVE Dr. Joe Dispenza. This book explains how your brain works. It helps  you understand how the brain is built and how you can rewire and refire the neurons in your brain to obtain the life of your dreams. 


The Body Keeps The Score

This book delves into the affect trauma has on people. It helps you understand why you are the way you are because of trauma and how your past shapes your present. It gives you insight and tools on how to work through your trauma to become healthier.


Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book completely changed the way I view and manage money. It is written in a way that is extremely interesting and easy to understand. It explains how the poor, middle and wealthy class view their finances differently. 

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