Working with Heidi was a dream come true. She was able to guide me to my goals even during major life changes. I loved her enthusiasm but also how she knew when I needed a push. I now know I want to be an herbalist and help people through nature. I have a clear vision and path towards making my dreams a reality.

- Jessica M.

While working with Heidi over the past few months, I not only lost over 10lbs but have been able to keep it off and have increased my energy level!!! I discovered new foods, better eating habits and found a passion for yoga. I have also struggled for years dealing with difficult personalities. She taught me specific communication techniques that I was able to directly apply to interactions with these individuals which proved to lessen my daily stress level. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting every week and found true value from our sessions. The fact that I have stuck with these habits and behavioral changes is a true success story in my book.

- Victoria F.


When I first started my program with Heidi, I lacked the motivation and confidence in all aspects of my life. In just 90 days, she has helped me apply to nursing school, motivated me to lose 20+ lbs of weight and change the way I view and consume my food. She has always made me feel comfortable and confident in my abilities and has helped me push forward to become a better me. If you’re looking for someone to completely change your life, you found her!!!!

- Carly S.


Heidi helped me let go of my need to compare myself with others, to trust myself and realize what a true badass I really am. Heidi truly loves helping others become their best self. She gave me tools to not only help myself but help others moving forward. She is creating a ripple effect in this world!

- Erin M.



Heidi helped me get clarity on what I truly want and to trust myself and my judgment. She helped me manifest the perfect apartment after a tough transition in my life. After speaking with her I have changed my mentality from lack to abundance.

- Amanda A.