I was living a vicious cycle of being “stuck”. I was sick all the time. Exhausted to where all I wanted to do was sleep and spent any time awake working and giving my time to others. I woke up one morning and said, I have to change things in my life so I can feel better mentally and physically. With Heidi I was able to break this cycle. I started setting boundaries, saying no, created healthy habits little by little, week by week. Changing my thought process, looking for the good in things, setting better routines and habits. Before I knew it I had energy, felt better emotionally, was doing more for myself, and was getting through the days better than I had in such a long time. Heidi working with me made all the difference. I feel completely different after 12 weeks. Her support and knowledge was extremely helpful, I wouldn’t have been able to get this far without her. Facing my fears and breaking through false thinking patterns was hard but got easier each week that we met. It felt odd at first doing something for myself, loving and caring for myself. I wish I had only done this sooner. Working with Heidi has made an amazing impact on my life. I definitely want to follow up and continue to work with her. I am worth it!

- A.S.

I was looking for a life coach because I wanted help transitioning out of a life of living in a shell and being too overwhelmed to speak up for myself. While I was dismissive and reluctant in the beginning of working with Heidi, I opened up and trusted the process which allowed me to make tremendous progress with issues that I had been struggling with for several years. Just knowing I would have that phone call with her every week gave me the external accountability and kick in the pants I needed to follow through with tasks to better my life. Heidi genuinely celebrated me and my successes. Her encouragement helped keep me motivated, and her one-small-step-at-a-time approach was highly effective with me, because one success gave me momentum to keep moving forward to the next success. Heidi helped me discover that everything I needed was already inside of me. Through this process I gained work-life balance, spent more time doing activities I enjoy, learned appreciative communication and was able to enrich the relationships in my life by standing up for myself and creating healthy boundaries. I know I can achieve any goal I set by being true to myself. Heidi’s dedication to the principles of her practice gave me a life-long internal coach and a guiding star for my core principles. One last word - working with Heidi as my life coach is like anything else. It's not a magic pill. You get out of it what you put into it. You have to work the steps and show up for yourself. So, when you are motivated and ready to put in the effort, schedule a call with Heidi you will not regret it for one second.

- Emily D. 

While working with Heidi over the past few months, I not only lost over 10lbs but have been able to keep it off and have increased my energy level!!! I discovered new foods, better eating habits and found a passion for yoga. I have also struggled for years dealing with difficult personalities. She taught me specific communication techniques that I was able to directly apply to interactions with these individuals which proved to lessen my daily stress level. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting every week and found true value from our sessions. The fact that I have stuck with these habits and behavioral changes is a true success story in my book.

- Victoria F.


When I first started my program with Heidi, I lacked the motivation and confidence in all aspects of my life. In just 90 days, she has helped me apply to nursing school, motivated me to lose 20+ lbs of weight and change the way I view and consume my food. She has always made me feel comfortable and confident in my abilities and has helped me push forward to become a better me. If you’re looking for someone to completely change your life, you found her!!!!

- Carly S.



Working with Heidi was a dream come true. She was able to guide me to my goals even during major life changes. I loved her enthusiasm but also how she knew when I needed a push. I now know I want to be an herbalist and help people through nature. I have a clear vision and path towards making my dreams a reality.

- Jessica M.



Heidi helped me let go of my need to compare myself with others, to trust myself and realize what a true badass I really am. Heidi truly loves helping others become their best self. She gave me tools to not only help myself but help others moving forward. She is creating a ripple effect in this world!

- Erin M.



Heidi helped me get clarity on what I truly want and to trust myself and my judgment. She helped me manifest the perfect apartment after a tough transition in my life. After speaking with her I have changed my mentality from lack to abundance.

- Amanda A.