Hi there and welcome! My name is Heidi Radko and I am glad you're here.  My journey began as so many others. I went to college after high school & obtained my business degree as well as a BA in Interior Design. My hopes of owning my own interior design business were quickly thwarted when my student loans came due. I was determined to pay off those loans so I worked at a few different jobs while living at home to save money. I never really understood what debt meant until I was drowning in it. The final job was soul crushing, but I knew I couldn't turn my back on my responsibility. After 6 years and with my debt finally paid off I left the toxic job that had almost destroyed me. I never felt that I was truly helping people at any job I’ve ever had and then I discovered life coaching. I was finally free to pursue becoming a certified Life/Health Coach!

While this is my profession now, my main goal is to help you discover your true self and live the life you want to be living. Whether you have a hurdle you can't seem to overcome or a lifetime of self-doubt that stops you from loving yourself please reach out to me. We will have a free conversation to see if I am a good fit for you & your needs. I look forward to talking with you!

My hobbies include reading, watching documentaries, knitting and listening to all kinds of music but mostly heavy metal and classical.  

I am fairly introverted but love spending time with family and friends. 

When I am not involved with any of the above, you can find me going on adventures with my boyfriend and my Australian Shepherd, Thirston Lawrence. 

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